I am honored and delighted to be part of your ground-breaking, global program on family business legacy planning. It was a pleasure to record our interview ‘…Lessons From 100-Year Old Family Enterprises’ … loved the interchange and thoughtfulness, and being able to take the time to present practical tools. I … look forward to sharing the complete program alongside twenty other expert talks very soon.

-Dennis Jaffe

“You cannot change a child overnight but you can change your response to them. And, at any age to raise a child who can handle all the responsibilities ahead parents need to learn to step back, trust, and give feedback in ways that empower leadership. What is the  goal of parenting?  To put yourself out of a job, may you raise this child so well the only thing they ‘need’ from you in adulthood is to delight in them. “

 -Di Ana Pisarri Founder of The Parent Shift 

My sincere thanks to Ashim Kumar for including me in his 1st-ever global program around family business legacy planning. Ashim, it was a pleasure to record our interview on the Do’s and Don’ts of family business succession this morning – such a critical topic for preserving a family’s wealth from generation to generation and securing the legacy of their operating companies… I look forward to sharing the final piece alongside all of your other expert talks very soon.

-Jeremy Lurey