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Are you a first-generation business owner or successor, struggling to find your way through the succession planning process?

Listen up!

Some of the most common and overlooked errors in the succession planning process can compromise the value of your business, threaten your legacy, shake stakeholder confidence, and destroy key relationships!

Many business owners learn about these challenges way too late!

If you feel overwhelmed, confused, and don’t know exactly what you want and where to start with succession planning,  join me for this 100% FREE online series and make the succession planning process seamless, transparent, and fool-proof!

The Legacy Family Business: 

Gaining Financial Freedom, Creating Family Unity, & Leaving a Living Legacy

...Starting on April 1st, 2021!

21 succession planning experts, including myself, are going to walk you through exactly what you need to know while succession planning in order to maintain the value and the legacy of your business!

PLUS, you’ll also:

✅  Learn how to maintain successful and trusted relationships with key stakeholders.

✅  Get tips you can implement right away to simplify the various aspects and dimensions of the complex succession planning process.

✅  Get the exact steps that you need to take in every key area of the succession.

✅  Equip your successor with key insights into a family business and how it’s different from other organizations.

✅  Receive training from top leaders in succession planning, including experts in change management, motivation and mindset, communication, financial and legal counsel, and other key areas.

…and so, so much more!

In a time like this, these 21 discussions are more important now than ever!

Click below to grab your seat!


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